• DC

    DC Motors

    Permanent Magnet Direct Current brush type motors are a great option for applications with high starting torque requirements because of their linear speed-torque curve. DC motors and gearmotors have a standard brush life of 2000+ hours, and they are great for applications with easily accessible motors and operations that don’t require a long life. Because speed and voltage are linearly related, it is easy to control the speed of permanent magnet motors.

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  • AC

    AC Motors

    AC motors (alternating current) are a great choice for applications needing relatively low, consistent speed over a wide range of torque. Groschopp offers two and four pole induction motors with single and three phase inputs making it easy to find the right fit. AC induction motors are a great option for low power and low starting torque applications where speed control isn’t important. The lack of common wear parts, such as brushes and commutators, make AC motors extremely reliable, resulting in long life (20,000+ hours) with little maintenance. AC motors and gearmotors can be run with or without a variable frequency drive (VFD), depending on the amount of control needed.

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  • Brushless

    Brushless Motors

    Brushless DC Motors combine the life-extending and easy-to-maintain configurations of AC induction motors with and high starting torque and good speed regulation of brush type PM motors. This “best of both” motor allows for superior efficiency and power density at a very quiet noise level. Because BLDC motors use rare earth magnets as opposed to the ceramic magnets of DC brush type motors, they have a higher power density and require a speed control to operate.

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  • Universal

    Universal Motors

    Universal motors are great for shorter life applications needing extremely high speeds (20,000+ RPMs), high starting torque and high power density. They have a higher power density than other motor types because the open design and fan allow heat to dissipate better. Universal motors are unique in that they can operate on either AC or DC power. They are the least expensive type of motor, making them an excellent option for intermittent duty applications that allow for higher noise levels, maintenance requirements and a shorter life. Groschopp’s Universal motors are always custom built to fit individual circumstances and environments.

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Groschopp Universal motors are custom built to fit your application so no additional options are available to narrow the search. Standard frame sizes and motor features can be found on the Universal page.

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