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Our Products

AC, DC, and Universal Motors from Groschopp Motors

Rugged by design and built to high quality specifications, Groschopp motors meet the varied demands of many of the world’s most famous brands.

Gearmotors from Groschopp Gearmotors

Preconfigured, tested gearmotor combinations deliver fast, accurate performance data for OEM prototyping and evaluation – and are often the most expedient path to a cost-effective, performance-optimized solution.

Groschopp Gearboxes and Speed Reducers Gearboxes & Speed Reducers

Like our motors, our wide range of right angle gearboxes and planetary right angle reducers are tested and proven for torque ratings, speed and yield strength, allowing you to make the most cost-effective motor-gearbox match.

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Recent Posts

  • Apr01

    Understanding Continuous Speed in DC Motor Applications

    Brushed and Brushless DC motors have two traits that make them easy to control for several applications.  The first is the relationship between voltage and speed, and the second is the relationship between current and torque.  Both relationships are separate from each other but below you can see how they are used together to provide […]

  • Feb25

    Manufacturing Glossary

    Each industry and manufacturer has specific manufacturing terms and techniques.  We created this quick reference glossary to define manufacturing terms & acronyms specific to Groschopp and the motor/gearmotor industry. For more information on these terms or our products, contact us.   Term Definition 6S Used for improving organization of the workplace, the name comes from […]