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The Roots of Quality

The foundation of Groschopp, Inc. began in 1930 as a company called Wincharger. Based in Sioux City, Iowa, Wincharger was a pioneer in the development of wind powered generators, primarily marketed in rural areas of the U.S. where modern electrical service had yet to reach. By the late 1930’s, the fledgling company attracted the attention of Zenith Radio Corporation, who sought to bring radios powered by Wincharger’s generators to rural regions.

During World War II, the Wincharger Company became the world’s largest manufacturer of dynamotors and inverters, leveraging its success into motors and farm generators in the 1950’s post-war economy. In 1968, Dyna-Technology purchased the Wincharger division from Zenith, eventually relocating the company’s small motor operations to Sioux Center, Iowa.

In 1980, a German-based manufacturer of high quality small motor and gear drives, Groschopp & Co., GmbH, purchased the small motor division of Dyna-Technology. The company was acquired by a private trust in 1996 and still operates under the Groschopp name today, even though it’s separate from Groschopp’s European operations.

Groschopp Today

For over three decades, the company has fostered a philosophy of steady growth and the highest quality standards to meet the demands of our most exacting OEM customers — including some of the world’s most famous brands. An ISO-9001 company, Groschopp delivers expert technical assistance, superior product performance and quality-honed from over 70 years of workmanship and industry experience.

Growing Advantages

Through years of service to meet the demands of numerous OEMs, Groschopp has honed its designs, systems and manufacturing techniques to offer customers many distinct advantages including:

  • Customized motors, most built to ship in just 48 hours.
  • USA – based operations, manufacturing and products
  • Single-plant efficiency on everything from customer service, engineering and logistics, to manufacturing and shipping.
  • Factory-direct sales enhances communications and reduces costs.
  • The fastest service for prototypes, OEM and replacement motors.
  • Free MotorTec™ online design and performance evaluation—including speed, torque, and thermal rating with text and graphical output of any motor, gearbox or combination.
  • A growing line of over 8,000 proven, standard motor designs built-to-order…
  • …and the FastTrack™ engineering modification program to quickly solve applications outside of standard specifications.

Modern manufacturing meets the Midwestern work ethic

The people of Groschopp possess a unique commitment to quality, integrity, involvement, and are dedicated to continual improvement. By surrounding this passion for excellence with state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing techniques, Groschopp continues to work hard, building upon our leadership in the fractional horsepower motor industry.