Case Study

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Professional Woodworking Tool

This OEM is a leader in Pocket Hole woodworking tools, offering custom automated joinery tools and precision measuring systems.

The Challenge

The customer needed not only motors for its tools but a partner to integrate a range of tool assemblies for their woodworking tools. They needed Groschopp to:

  • Design a gearmotor for inclusion in the Pocket Hole plastic tool housings
  • Locate and qualify vendor for plastic parts
  • Assemble all components of pocket tool motor module
  • Assume responsibility for all quality related issues

The Solution

  • Custom motor parts set
  • Design and manufacture specialized gear assembly
  • Customize armature with hobbed shaft to mate with gear assembly
  • Design custom bearings for gear pinions and armature
  • Qualified vendor for plastic housing and other components
  • Integrated assembly saves time, money and guarantees quality

(Pictured: Exploded parts view and complete motor in custom housing)