Case Studies

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Redundant DC_Award Winning Designs_thumb

Redundant DC Gearmotor

This fractional HP Permanent Magnet DC Right Angle Gearmotor functions as an integral part of an automotive transmission system. Specifically, it is a customized design for use in shift‐by‐wire vehicle transmissions that experience a great deal of starting and stopping. The gearmotor works with the vehicle’s automatic transmission to move through the stages of Park‐Reverse‐Neutral‐Drive. […]

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Brushless DC Motor

This is a custom designed Brushless DC motor that is used on a commercial bakery packaging machine to tie plastic bag closures. It uses a flux ring to achieve Hall effect‐type commutation, without the use of a magnet. Design Significance Typical DC brushless motor designs use a separate Hall effect magnet and Hall effect devices to […]

dual planetary_award winning designs

Dual Planetary Gearmotor

This dual output permanent magnet DC (PMDC) planetary gearmotor drives two hinged arms on an automated surgical table used in orthopedic surgery. It was designed so that the two hinged arms would be positionally aligned and their movement synchronized at all times. It was designed to eliminate the need for link chains or belts – […]