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Tough Jobs Case Study: Fluid Pump

Portable and Powerful This OEM is a global manufacturer of high performance fluid power and pump products. Their hydraulic pumps feature heavy-duty construction and time-proven design, and are portable and lightweight—featuring excellent weight to performance ratio. The Challenge “These Hydraulic Pumps required not only a motor but a design and manufacturing partner to assist with […]

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Tough Jobs Case Study: Cooling Pump

50,000 Hours Life Specification Achieving tough specifications such as 50,000 hours of continuous operation requires a quality product and a detailed understanding of the application. When this OEM faced expensive product recalls and field retrofits with another vendor’s motor, he stepped back from his application and with the classic engineer’s approach and asked the objective question, “what […]

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X-ray Cooling Pump

This customer is a premier independent supplier of X-ray tubes and flat panel detectors, serving the leading manufacturers of imaging equipment for medical diagnostics, as well as industrial inspection and security products. A stator was needed for a diagnostic X-ray machine. The Challenge Everything about this application is extreme – high operating temperatures, immersion in […]

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MRI Cooling Pump

This customer manufactures positive displacement pumps and leak testing equipment for a wide range of applications including MRI machines used in the medical field. The Challenge This medical application required a reliable vendor to supply motors for cooling pumps used in their customer’s MRI machine. This OEM application had no room for field failures or […]

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Water Treatment Pump

This OEM is a leading manufacturer of metering pumps, flow meters and water treatment accessories. Groschopp has been supplying motors to the company for its pumps for many years and Groschopp motors are used in all of their new designs. The company has been moving to more value added designs and needed a motor for a […]

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Vapor Recovery Pump

This OEM designs and manufacturers stage II vapor recovery systems and components. Their systems are designed to collect gasoline vapors as vehicles are being refueled, and should reduce harmful vapor emissions by at least 95%. The Challenge Replace current 3-phase components with a 2-phase motor and control Insure motor would drop into OEM’s existing system […]

application stories construction pump

Construction Pump

This customer is a global manufacturer of high performance fluid power and railway integrity products and systems. Their hydraulic pumps feature heavy-duty construction and time-proven designs. They are portable, lightweight and feature excellent weight to performance ratios. The Challenge This application required not only a motor, but a partner to assist with product of the […]