Case Studies

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Groschopp Inc. Injection Molding Machine Case Study

Plastic Injection Feeder

A manufacturer or high quality volumetric additive plastic injection feeds and blending systems for plastic augers came to Groshcopp looking for a variety of motors for multiple applications. Unsure of their exact specifications, Groschopp engineers helped the manufacturer narrow their focus to a few specific motors and identitfy their specifications to pinpoint which gearmotors would best […]

application stories distribution conveyor_thumb

Distribution Center Conveyor

A large distribution and fulfillment center needed motors to power a new conveyor belt system in several of its warehouses. The loading on the belts was variable from nearly no load to carrying parcels that weighted several hundred pounds. The belts run continuously for 24 hours a day and only stopped for maintenance. The motors […]

application stories twist tie machine_thumb

Twist Tie Machine

This OEM is a leading manufacturer of commercial baking equipment and accessories. They needed a motor to be used in four different applications on a bread packaging machine. As a successful supplier of brushed DC motors for the company’s older machine, Groschopp had the opportunity to supply motors for the OEM’s newest design. The Challenge […]