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Engineering  |  Sourcing  |  Assembly  |  Testing

We are proud to have earned the integration business of world-class OEMs, and today they rely on us for comprehensive integration solutions – from design and engineering to final assembly and testing. Our team has become a critical partner in achieving their quality, efficiency and profitability goals.

What is an Integration Solution?

Should you need an “Integrated Solution” Groschopp will not only supply a part set or gearmotor but we will build and assemble the motor housing as well. We communicate with your suppliers and take over the entire process, allowing you more time to do what you do best – grow your business. Our integration solutions give you the peace of mind that you have a quality motor and motor housing. Once your product is fully assembled, we take care of shipping it directly to you. We conveniently coordinate the entire assembly process, which is a huge “value added” benefit for you.

Results from Groschopp Integration Solutions

  • Reduced product development cycle time
  • Reduced number of vendors and interactions
  • Reduced number of parts carried in inventory
  • Assured quality of the final assembly
  • Optimized and performance tested

 Integration Services & Components

  • Engineering and product design
  • Supply chain management
  • Sourcing, testing and qualifying materials and components
  • Mature, dedicated labor force with complex product expertise
  • Continuous process improvement and lean manufacturing
  • Customer support, from design/engineering through manufacturing/shipping
  • Low cost manufacturing for high-volume, mature product designs

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