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Motor Components

Groschopp has over four decades of experience in providing high reliability, high performance motor sub-assemblies and components to world-class OEMs.

Groschopp motor component assemblies are custom engineered to allow OEMs to maintain their mounting schemes and desired product configurations, while still benefiting from Groschopp’s motor design and manufacturing experience. The lists on this page are typical examples of the types and general ranges of motor components that Groschopp designs and supplies to tailor the motor solution to customer requirements.

Groschopp Motor ComponentsFeatures and Considerations:

  • Ball and sleeve bearing
  • Custom performance
  • Custom shafts
  • Rugged mechanical construction
  • Two-plane dynamic balancing
  • High thermal characteristics
  • Exothermic polymer skin: trickle impregnation
  • Diamond-turned commutators for longer brush life
  • High temperature magnet wire
  • Computer-assisted testing
  • Noise evaluation
  • Pre-impregnation testing
  • Easy brush access
  • Custom voltage, speed, torque, duty cycle, etc.


  • Assembled into customer supplied housing
  • Staked and fused commutators
  • Class “A”-”F” insulation
  • Double insulated designs
  • Uni- or Bi- directional rotation
  • Armatures for DC motors
  • Thermal protection