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DC Motors

The Permanent Magnet DC motor (PMDC) is a good fit for applications that require a high starting torque, which allows it to reliably lift heavy loads. In intermittent applications, even with a PMDC’s brush design, the motor can be expected to have a 2000+ hour life. Through proprietary design techniques, Groschopp PMDC motor designs have been customized for extremely quiet operation.


  • DC motors are constructed with class “B” insulation components allowing for running temperatures up to 130° C
  • High starting torque
  • Optional hardened output shaft
  • Standard brush life of 2,000+ hours (varies by application)
  • Totally enclosed construction (typical)
  • Low cost
Voltage Product # Model # Speed
Motor Power
180 1004 PM6015 2400 2 0.0768 DC Add to Quote button
180 2004 PM8014 2550 3.7 0.1487 DC Add to Quote button
180 4104 PM8018 2600 7.3 0.2972 DC Add to Quote button
180 4310 PM10816 2400 8 0.3121 DC Add to Quote button
180 4410 PM10818 2500 11.5 0.4475 DC Add to Quote button