WK and NR part numbers: What do they mean?

November 16, 2015

We want to start by clarifying motors with WK and NR part numbers are not our product. If you saw “Groschopp” on the label and came to us hoping for a replacement, don’t worry, it happens more than you think. Motors with WK and NR part numbers are built by Groschopp & Co., GmbH, a German […]

NEMA Ratings

July 28, 2015

NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) was found in 1926 and is located in Rosslyn Virginia. NEMA ratings create standards which define a product’s level of protection against various environmental conditions. It is often used in the manufacturing industry and to test electrical devices. NEMA has over 13 different types of ratings ranging from NEMA 1 to […]

Finding Corrective Action

July 6, 2015

It is an everyday occurrence that problems arise where event outcomes do not meet the desired results planned for those events.  Problems can develop with a person’s work schedule, travel plans, leisure activities, and even sleep.  This is the same for business processes.  Problems can occur within a business process where the outcomes of a process […]

Gear Reduction

June 1, 2015

Gear Reduction. A familiar term to many, but what does it actually mean? On the surface, it may seem that gears are being “reduced” in quantity or size, which is partially true.  When a rotary machine such as an engine or electric motor needs the output speed reduced and/or torque increased, gears are commonly used […]

Three Phase Induction Motors

May 19, 2015

Three phase induction motors have been a popular choice for many industrial applications for a number of reasons: Non-complex construction – they don’t require permanent magnets, brushes or windings on the rotor They run directly off of the electric distribution grid Low cost Rugged and suitable for hazardous environments Due to not having brushes, they […]

Efficiency and Losses in Electric Motors

March 24, 2015

Advertised efficiency of motors is a big deal in the market.  Motor efficiency is a ratio of how well it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and it is calculated simply by dividing the power into the motor by the power out of the motor.  Lower efficiency leads to higher operating costs over the life […]

The Ins and Outs of Quality Audits

March 10, 2015

An audit is an excellent tool in the quality toolbox and can offer great insight into an organization’s Quality Management System (QMS).  Audits serve to certify or oversee a QMS as a means to verify effectiveness and drive improvement to products/services provided by the organization.  When preparing for a quality audit, there are three types of […]

Motor Testing: The Fundamentals

February 24, 2015

Motor manufacturers try their best to match an off-the-shelf motor or gearmotor to specific customer requirements. Sometimes a perfect match can be made; however, it is often the case that a custom solution is needed or that the customer’s capabilities are not known and a physical motor needs to be tested to determine the unique requirements. […]

Gearmotor Selection: Price is Important, But Not Everything . . .

February 10, 2015

You have been tasked with a new design project, and this new gadget your company desires to sell to the marketplace will need a motion control device: a gearmotor. You know what type of electrical power source will be available along with the operational load requirements of the contraption, so you set out to find […]

Gear Motor Glossary

January 14, 2015

Those of us in the fractional horsepower motor and gear motor industry tend to throw terms around without taking time to check that everyone understands what we are discussing.  We’ve created this quick reference glossary to help those unfamiliar with many of the terms in the motor/gear motor industry.   Term Definition AC (Alternating Current) […]