Motor Search

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Our motor search is a web-based software search tool that simplifies fractional horsepower motor and gearmotor selection for engineers and product designers. Enter your motor specifications below and receive the top “best fit” motors and gearmotors for your specs, or just use the calculator function to determine speed, torque and horsepower specifications.

Results are based on continuous duty, full load motor rating. For applications with on-cycle of less than 10 min. please contact Groschopp.

 Speed, Torque and Power Calculator


    •   Speed & Torque
    •   Speed & Power
    •   Torque & Power
  • rpm
    Number of full shaft revolutions per minute.
  • ?
    The amount of force necessary to rotate an object around an axis.
  • ?
    The rate at which work is being done, related to force, distance and time.


More GearMotorMatch™ Help

Need more help finding a motor that matches your application? This tool represents only a portion of our available motor designs. Give us a call at 800-829-4135 to talk about all options. Visit our GearMotorMatch™ help page for instructions about how to use this tool, or feel free to contact us via our online form. We're here to help!