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Motor selection basics

Whitepaper – The Basics of Motor Selection

Tailored towards design engineers and OEM’s “The Basics of Motor Selection” whitepaper is written to assist readers in the motor selection and customization process. Focusing on four electric motor types (AC Induction, PMDC, Universal and Brushless DC) Groschopp engineers meticulously outline the motor selection process including; drawbacks, advantages and characteristics of each motor type. If […]

Selecting a Gearmotor in 4 Simple Steps

Selecting a Gearmotor in 4 Simple Steps

Let’s face it – sometimes choosing a motor is like a high school popularity contest. It’s easy to look at what “everyone else” is using and assume it will work for you too. It’s time to re-think that strategy. For design engineers in the process of selecting components for an application, the motor or gearmotor can […]

OEM Design Checklist & Application Data Worksheet

OEM Design Checklist & Application Data Worksheet

Use this design checklist, along with the Ingress Protection (IP) and Temperature Class charts to gather data about your application. The speed vs. torque comparison graph is helpful in selecting the right motor type. All of the information is essential to refining the motor selection and customization process and achieving a maximized overall motor system […]


How to: Test & Evaluate Fractional Horsepower Motors in Your Application

A thorough comprehension of the of the task requirements in a motion application is vital to the successful launching of a product to market. When one element is overlooked it causes delays and added expenses to the design process. How to: Test and Evaluate Motors in Your Application discusses the specifications and processes needed to […]

Groschopp Inc. Harsh Environment Thumbnail Image

Harsh Environment IP66 Motors & Gearmotors

Total Protection Against Dust and Strong Jets of Water Description The harsh environment IP66 motor and gearmotor product line from Groschopp is designed to provide reliable, trouble-free operation and long life in applications where dust and/or moisture intrusion are present. Designed and built with special physical and electrical protection features, the Harsh Environment products are […]

Groschopp Inc. Universal Skeleton Motor

Universal Motors: Timeless Performance

The universal motor, an often maligned old workhorse, is a particularly adaptable motor, and still proves very useful in many applications. When an application calls for high starting torque, power, and speed – all combined in a small, lightweight package – the Universal Motor (UM) often emerges as the clear choice. This is especially true […]

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WHITEPAPER – Gearmotors: Achieving the Perfect Motor & Gearbox Match

For electrical and mechanical design engineers in the process of developing applications, choosing a gearmotor can be a tricky and arduous process. Can motors and gearboxes be purchased separately and then matched for an application? Is it better to specify a pre-engineered gearmotor? What are the differences? Focusing on how to choose the right motor/gearbox […]