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Rugged by design and built to high quality specifications, Groschopp's AC motors, DC motors, Brushless DC motors, and Universal motors meet the varied demands of many of the world’s most famous brands.


Preconfigured, tested combinations of AC Gearmotors, DC Gearmotors, and Brushless Gearmotors.  Gear motors are available with Right Angle, Parallel Shaft, Planetary, or Right Angle Planetary reducers.


Our planetary gearboxes and right angle planetary gearboxes are one of the few 1000:1 in-line speed reducers in the industry.

Motor Controls

Designed to provide commutated power and variable speed control, these closed loop controls provide excellent speed regulation for the entire line of Brushless Motors. 

Motor Components

Quality, highly engineered motor assemblies and rotor/stator sets.


Our design portfolio of customized solutions is unmatched in the fractional horsepower industry.

Integration Solutions

Our integration solutions give you the peace of mind that you have a quality motor and motor housing. We take care of shipping it directly to you and conveniently coordinate the entire assembly process, which is a huge "value added" benefit for you.