Technical Resources

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Find Your Application Specs

Understanding and accurately specifying your application environment is crucial to selecting the right product, insuring you get maximum performance and the longest life from the motor/gearmotor.

Use the following reference tools to gather your information about your application environment and requirements . You can then more accurately determine which motor/gearmotor best fits your needs. Need additional help? Use our Application Spec Form or call 800-829-4135 and ask to speak to a regional account manager.

  • Application Checklist: gather basic application data essential to making a motor/gearmotor selection
  • Ingress Protection: solid and/or liquid ingress protection
  • Temperature Class: maximum ambient and operating temperature

Application Checklist

Input Power Source

  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Current (Efficiency)
  • Control


  • Ingress Protection (IP) Rating
  • Temperature (indoor/outdoor)

Gearmotor Specs

  • Size & Weight
  • Life Expectancy (hr)/Maintenance
  • Noise

Gearmotor Performance

  • Speed (RPM) & Torque (in-lb or Nm)
  • Rated Power (watts or HP)
  • Starting/Stall Torque
  • Duty Cycle

Duty Cycle (On Time/Off TIme)

  • Continuous or Intermittent

General Requirements

  • Mounting Orientation & Type (face, foot etc.)
  • Overhung & Side Loads
  • Size/Envelope
  • Lubrication Selection



Ingress Protection (IP)

Use the IP rating to accurately communicate your application environment.

Temperature Classes

Temperature Class is an important variable to take into consideration. For every 10 degrees Celsuis that the application exceeds the motor’s maximum winding temperature the motor life is reduced by 50%.