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  • Manufacturing Marvel from FOX Business News - Groschopp

    Manufacturing Marvels

    View Groschopp’s manufacturing, quality assurance and engineering capabilities and get an inside look at Groschopp’s manufacturing facility and engineering lab located in Sioux Center, Iowa.

  • Select a Gearmotor

    Select a Gearmotor – 4 Steps

    This “how to” video guide covers the basics of gearmotor selection in four simple steps: including speed, torque and application requirements.

  • New Brushless DC Motor

    New Brushless DC Motors

    Introducing a robust Brushless DC Motor and gearbox combinations. The new Brushless motor is maintenance-free, highly reliable and has a life of 20,000+ hours.

  • tech-tips

    Tech Tips: How to Check for a Damaged Armature

    Here are three quick checks you can perform with a volt/ohm meter to test a DC motor armature winding to determine if a motor armature is functioning properly. Video Transcript

  • History of Groschopp, Inc.

    The History of Groschopp, Inc.

    The rich history of Groschopp, Inc. begins in 1930 with a company called Wincharger. How did we get from Wincharger to Groschopp? Watch and find out! Video Transcript

  • advantage

    The Groschopp Advantage

    What makes Groschopp a special company to work with for our customers? It all comes down to the people that make up the company. Find out how they’re at the core of the Groschopp Advantage. Video Transcript

  • ac-basics

    Tech Tips: AC Motor Basics

    Understanding the characteristics of AC motors allows engineers select the motor best suited to their application.

  • harsh-env

    Tech Tips: Harsh Environments

    How fractional horsepower motors are rated for harsh environments. Understanding IP ratings and harsh duty requirements is important to accurately communicate an application’s requirements.

  • Tech-Tips_Duty-Cycle

    Tech Tips: Duty Cycle

    In this video we give you a quick guide to importance of duty cycle for the optimal operation of fractional horsepower motors and gearmotors.

  • BLDC Commutation

    Tech Tips: How Brushless DC Motors Commutate

    Understanding Brushless DC motor Commutation and how to read a BLDC Timing Diagram for Hall Switches allows engineers to properly control their BLDC motor.

  • Groschopp Tech Tips Back Drive and Braking

    Tech Tips: Backdrive & Braking

    This Tech Tips discusses the advantages of backdrive and brakes and the types of applications for which they are best suited.

  • Groschopp Tech Tips BLDC Motor Basics

    Tech Tips: Brushless DC Motor Basics

    This Tech Tips video explains the basics of Brushless DC Motors: how they are designed and how they operate.