Case Studies

Whether you need a fractional hp gear motor for a precise medical application, a robust industrial application or anything in between, we’ve been there. Groschopp Case Studies, or GroschoppStories, show how we’ve applied over 80 years of experience and innovation to support some of the world’s most famous brands. We’re not just a fractional horsepower gear motor company; we’re a partner who works alongside you in every phase, from design through production.

Case Study: Commercial Golf Ball Washer

This leading producer of golf range equipment was searching for a motor solution for their commercial golf ball washer. The application required a high torque and was failing due to a faulty gearbox configuration. Groschopp managed to pinpoint the problem […]

Groschopp Inc. Tough Job Vehicle Ramp _Thumbnail Image

Tough Jobs Case Study: Vehicle Ramp

This innovative automotive manufacturer of an ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant vehicle ramp needed a motor to enable someone in a wheelchair to quickly and smoothly enter and exit. The deployable handicap ramp is capable of holding up to 1,200 […]

Groschopp Inc. Casey Study Vehicle Wash Thumbnail

Case Study: Car Wash System

This OEM is a worldwide leading manufacturer of car wash systems. They had been buying motors from another manufacturer but, because they were not IP66 rated, water was entering the gearmotor and causing it to fail. Groshopp stepped in and […]

Groschopp Inc. Case Study Solar Collection System Alternative Energy Solutions

Solar Collection System

This OEM is an innovative manufacturer of solar collection systems. They had been buying motors from another motor manufacturer but those gearmotors were not IP66 rated so water was entering the gearmotor causing it to corrode and fail. Groschopp stepped […]

Groschopp Inc. Injection Molding Machine Case Study

Plastic Injection Feeder

A manufacturer or high quality volumetric additive plastic injection feeds and blending systems for plastic augers came to Groshcopp looking for a variety of motors for multiple applications. Unsure of their exact specifications, Groschopp engineers helped the manufacturer narrow their focus […]

Redundant DC Gearmotor

This fractional HP Permanent Magnet DC Right Angle Gearmotor functions as an integral part of an automotive transmission system. Specifically, it is a customized design for use in shift-by-wire vehicle transmissions that experience a great deal of starting and stopping. […]

Groschopp Inc. Brushless DC Motor Thumbnail Image

Brushless DC Motor

This is a custom designed Brushless DC motor that is used on a commercial bakery packaging machine to tie plastic bag closures. It uses a flux ring to achieve Hall effect type commutation, without the use of a magnet. Design […]

Dual Planetary Gearmotor

This dual output permanent magnet DC (PMDC) planetary gearmotor drives two hinged arms on an automated surgical table used in orthopedic surgery. It was designed so that the two hinged arms would be positionally aligned and their movement synchronized at […]

Groschopp Grain Hopper_thumb

Tough Jobs Case Study: Grain Hopper

Dirt, particulates, mud, grain, heat, cold, water and vibration. Can it get any uglier? These are just a few of the critical application considerations faced by this OEM. Their new product design for an automated hopper motor assembly retrofits commercial […]

Tough Jobs Case Study: Medical Bed

Highly specialized surgical procedures such as spinal, joint replacement and orthopedic trauma surgery require automated operating room tables that can be positioned with extreme accuracy. Just as important as positional accuracy are high torque output and quiet operation, in a compact […]

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