Case Studies

Whether you need a fractional hp gear motor for a precise medical application, a robust industrial application or anything in between, we’ve been there. Groschopp Case Studies, or GroschoppStories, show how we’ve applied over 80 years of experience and innovation to support some of the world’s most famous brands. We’re not just a fractional horsepower gear motor company; we’re a partner who works alongside you in every phase, from design through production.

Commercial Golf Ball Washer

A manufacturer of golf ball washers came to Groschopp for help determining why their current gear motor was failing. After some testing, Groschopp found that the gears were not able to withstand the high torque demands of the machine. Groschopp designed a custom gearbox for the manufacturer with a special gear configuration to solve their […]

Groschopp Inc. Tough Job Vehicle Ramp _Thumbnail Image

Motorized ADA Vehicle Ramp

An automotive manufacturer of an ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant vehicle ramp needed a motor to enable someone in a wheelchair to easily enter and exit the vehicle. It was critical that the ramp have a zero-failure rate with a manual override option since the ramp comes out of the floor and lowers to the […]

Groschopp Inc. Casey Study Vehicle Wash Thumbnail

Car Wash System

Car washes are the place where sudsy water and layers of dirt meet. This tough environment is the battlefield of clean and dirty, and it needs equipment that is reliable over time. Groschopp’s PM8028 motor with a right angle worm gearbox was up for the challenge. The previous supplier struggled to keep water out of […]

Groschopp Inc. Case Study Solar Collection System Alternative Energy Solutions

Solar Collection System

A solar collection systems manufacturer needed a water-tight, corrosion-resistant gearmotor that could perform in tough outdoor environments. Groschopp had the solution, their PM6015 planetary gearmotor with increased ingress protection. Besides the IP66 rating the modifications included a stainless steel shaft and chromate end bells to protect against corrosion. To accommodate the custom shaft, a custom […]

Groschopp Inc. Injection Molding Machine Case Study

Plastic Injection Feeder

A manufacturer of injection and blending systems for plastic augers came to Groschopp for help. They knew they needed a variety of motors that could run on either AC or DC voltages, but they weren’t sure which application requirements to focus on. Groschopp worked with the OEM to identify the top priority specifications for each […]

Groschopp Inc. Brushless DC Motor Thumbnail Image

Twist-Tie Packaging Machine

This is a custom designed Brushless DC motor that is used on a commercial bakery packaging machine to twist-tie plastic bag closures. It uses a flux ring to achieve hall effect type commutation, without the use of a magnet. Design Significance Typical DC Brushless motor designs use a separate hall effect magnet and hall effect […]

Dual Planetary Surgical Table

Surgery is not the place for things to go wrong. It is an area where extreme accuracy is essential; this applies to the motors operating in the room as well. Groschopp worked with a manufacturer of automated operating room tables to create a dual shaft solution to move two hinged arms simultaneously. By using one […]

Groschopp Grain Hopper_thumb

Automated Grain Hopper

Being located in Northwest Iowa, Groschopp understands the harsh environments of the agriculture industry well. They partnered with a manufacturer to build automated hopper motors that could be retrofitted onto grain trailers and wagons. The greatest concern for this manufacturer was finding a motor that could stand up to dirt, grain, heat, cold, water, and […]

Automated Basketball Hoop

A manufacturer of collegiate basketball hoops was looking to develop a motorized backboard that could raise and lower to position in 25 seconds. The scissors-like action of the lift mechanism, and the load resting on the end of the articulated arm, created the challenge of varied torque (up to 700 in-lbs) at different points throughout […]

Medical Patient Lift

Noise is often the single toughest challenge faced by design engineers when developing products for medical applications. Such was the case for a leading global company that designs, manufactures and installs patient lifts in healthcare facilities. The Challenge A very quiet motor Ability to lift intermittent loads weighing up to 600 pounds Highly reliable and […]

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