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About Motor Search Tool

The Motor Search tool™ is a web-based software tool that simplifies fractional horsepower motor and gearmotor selection for engineers and product designers.

The Motor Search tool ™ is based on Groschopp’s time-saving MOTORTEC™ STP Calculator where two of three performance parameters, Speed, Torque and/or Power (STP), can be entered, along with motor type, gearbox type (if desired) and voltage.

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How it works

The Motor Search tool™ has sophisticated algorithms that calculate and match the desired performance specifications to the motor size and specifications of over 4200 motor and gearmotor products active in the website database. The Search results, the motors/gearmotors that best “match” your entered specifications, are presented in ranking order of up to ten results that most closely match the specifications you entered.


What it can do for you

For each of the 4200 web-active designs, its product detail page provides complete MOTORTEC™ Data Sheets with performance curves and efficiency data, as well as 3D Solidmodels, 2D outline drawings and connection diagrams. This allows you to quickly assess the product “fit” for your application, and have immediate access to resources that allow you to move forward with your project.


30,000 additional products to choose from…

Groschopp has a complete product database that includes an additional 30,000 pre-engineered product designs that can be shipped in 48 hours. If you don’t find a product match that meets your needs, just contact us for a more extensive search and applications support.