Determine Motor Specs

upload specs buttonUnderstanding and accurately identifying the environment of your motor’s application is crucial to selecting the right product. Using a checklist, like the one below, will help you determine your motor application requirements to help you better select the optimal motor or gearmotor for your specific needs. Our team uses the information provided when you upload your specs to help you find the best solution for your application. For additional help, contact us at 800-829-4135 or by email at You can also chat with us using the help button on the side of your screen.


Input Power Source

Voltage: Do you need AC or DC voltage? What voltage do you need your motor to run at?

Frequency: Do you need to operate at 60 Hz, 50 Hz or both 50/60 Hz?

Current (efficiency): Does the overall efficiency or current draw need to be under a certain value?

Control: Will your application need to vary speeds? What type of control will you need?



Ingress protection (IP): Will the environment of the motor be harsh and need protection from the elements—dust and water?

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Temperature: What is the ambient temperature of the application’s environment? Do you need to touch the motor?

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Gearmotor Specs

Weight: Do you have any restrictions for weight within your application that the motor must meet?

Life expectancy: How long of a life does your motor need? Is it in a location/application where maintenance is feasible?

Noise: Is noise an important factor in your application or industry?

Efficiency: How important is the efficiency of your motor? This is especially important for gearmotors.


Gearmotor Performance

Speed (RPM): Does the application have high or low speeds? Are the speeds continuous or varying?

Power (W or HP): What are your HP or watt requirements? If using a control, do you have amperage limitations?

Torque (in-lb or Nm): Do you need high start or stall torque? What are your running torque requirements?

Duty cycle: Will your motor be operating continuously or in short bursts with time to cool down in between?


General Requirements

Mounting orientation: How does the motor need to be mounted within the application?

Overhung and side loads: Does the application have additional loads (radial or axial) putting stress on the motor?

Package size: Is there a size restriction within your application that the motor must meet?

Lubrication: Does your application require the use of either grease or oil? Do you need high or low temp lubrication?

Agency approvals: Are their any agency approvals your application must meet—UL, CE, RoHS, CSA or others?

How to use the Motor Search Tool

Narrow your search by selecting motor type, gearbox, voltage, and phase options for your desired motor.

Select a dominant variable: choose one of the three parameters to narrow your search. The selected variable determines which slider bar you will be able to manually move.

Use the slider corresponding to your dominant variable to further narrow your motor selection. The other sliders will automatically move to show available ranges based on the range of your selected variable.

Results will upload as your search criteria changes. If you have any questions regarding your results or how to use the search tool, you can chat with us using the green tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

Note: Groschopp Universal motors are custom built to fit your application so no additional options are available to narrow the search. Selecting the Universal motor type will prompt a message taking you to the Universal product page.

Not sure what you need?

One of our team members would be happy to help. Contact us at 800-829-4135 or by email at You can also chat with us using the green tab on the left side of your screen.

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Universal Motors

Groschopp Universal motors are custom built to fit your application so no additional options are available to narrow the search. Standard frame sizes and motor features can be found on the Universal page.

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