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August 24, 2011

Total Protection Against Dust and Strong Jets of Water


The harsh environment IP66 motor and gearmotor product line from Groschopp is designed to provide reliable, trouble-free operation and long life in applications where dust and/or moisture intrusion are present. Designed and built with special physical and electrical protection features, the Harsh Environment products are protected against dust that may cause premature commutator, brush and bearing failures and water that may cause corrosion or electrical failures.

IP66 rated products are inherently safer since water intrusion greatly increases the risk of electrical shock. Oil intrusion in a motor is also a risk, particularly with brush-type motors. The brushes may “stick” and the motor can fail if exposed to oil.

Temperature fluctuation is frequently common in these same harsh environments. Condensation, as a result of temperature change can also create water ingress, resulting in reduced life and premature failure of the motor/gearmotor.

Groschopp has developed and supplied motors and gearmotors for automotive applications and other rugged applications where the environmental conditions are extremely harsh for decades. These products continue to reliably perform event when splashed with salt spray, water, harmful chemicals, dirt, mud and extreme temperature variations. This extensive experience and knowledge in developing motors for many different harsh environment applications has resulted in the most  durable family of IP66-rated fractional horsepower motors and gearmotors in the industry.


Groschopp IP66 Permanent Magnet DC series motors have been subjected to rigorous hot/cold tests where the motor is heated to 250° F and then immediately submerged in an iced water bath at 33° F. Even with these temperature extremes and submersion the motor was so well sealed that post-test evaluations revealed no water ingress or performance compromise.

Customized Tests

IP66 PMDC motor designs have been tested for 96 hours of continuous operation in a salt fog, per customer testing requirements. Groschopp can tailor testing protocols and provide performance results to meet specific OEM design requirements. These same environmental and performance tests can be applied to any Groschopp motor or gearmotor design.

Physical Protection

  • Seals between endbells and motor housing
  • Sealed bearings and bearing pockets
  • Sealed strain relief on power cord
  • Sealed through-bolts
  • Durable, weather-resistant powder coat finish on motor housing
  • Operating temperature ratings of -40 to 115° C (ambient temperature)
  • Static temperature ratings of -65 to 130° C

Electrical Protection

  • Sealed strain relief on power cord
  • Meets IP66 enclosure protection
  • Internal brushes and brush holder completely sealed from outside elements (PMDC motors)
  • Weatherproof, sealed junction box

Environmental Testing & Protection

Per OEM specification, testing and design for operation in:

  • Water
  • Salt Spray
  • Chemicals
  • Ice
  • Dirt, mud and dust


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