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Motorized ADA Vehicle Ramp

April 16, 2012

An automotive manufacturer of an ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant vehicle ramp needed a motor to enable someone in a wheelchair to easily enter and exit the vehicle. It was critical that the ramp have a zero-failure rate with a manual override option since the ramp comes out of the floor and lowers to the […]

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Car Wash System

March 26, 2012

Car washes are the place where sudsy water and layers of dirt meet. This tough environment is the battlefield of clean and dirty, and it needs equipment that is reliable over time. Groschopp’s PM8028 motor with a right angle worm gearbox was up for the challenge. The previous supplier struggled to keep water out of […]

Truck Cab Ventilation

July 1, 2011

Groschopp’s fractional horsepower motors provide the pressurization and ventilation in service truck body cabinets to keep the contents clean and properly ventilated. The manufacturer was experiencing an unacceptable failure rate with its original motor supplier, most likely due to the intense vibration, dust and extreme climates inherent in the typical operating environments, which was causing […]

Truck Transmission Shifter

July 1, 2011

Semi trucks run in extreme conditions—rain, cold, snow, ice, salt-spray, dust, heat and vibration, to name a few. Drivers need reliable transmission shifters to get their loads delivered on time. Groschopp’s customer was looking for a compact, low maintenance motor solution that could stand up to the long miles and harsh road conditions the trucking […]

Bus Transmission Shifter

July 1, 2011

A manufacturer of bus transmission shifters came to Groschopp with a unique challenge. They wanted Groschopp to engineer a two-commutator gearmotor that would allow a backup to kick in if the primary commutator failed. Without this second commutator, if the primary winding failed, it would cause the vehicle to be stuck in one gear. Groschopp’s […]

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