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  • Feb24

    Motor Testing: The Fundamentals

    Motor manufacturers try their best to match an off-the-shelf motor or gearmotor to specific customer requirements. Sometimes a perfect match can be made; however, it is often the case that a custom solution is needed or that the customer’s capabilities are not known and a physical motor needs to be tested to determine the unique requirements. […]

  • Feb10

    Gearmotor Selection: Price is Important, But Not Everything . . .

    You have been tasked with a new design project, and this new gadget your company desires to sell to the marketplace will need a motion control device: a gearmotor. You know what type of electrical power source will be available along with the operational load requirements of the contraption, so you set out to find […]

  • Jan14

    Gear Motor Glossary

    Those of us in the fractional horsepower motor and gear motor industry tend to throw terms around without taking time to check that everyone understands what we are discussing.  We’ve created this quick reference glossary to help those unfamiliar with many of the terms in the motor/gear motor industry.   Term Definition AC (Alternating Current) […]

  • Dec30

    Groschopp: Made in the USA

    Over the last several years there has been a lot in the news about the American manufacturing renaissance and buying ‘Made in the USA’ products. Whether you produce goods for supply chains or consumers, more and more companies and consumers are looking for American manufacturers.   The fractional horsepower motor industry is no different. Despite the […]

  • Dec24

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Groschopp

    This holiday season, we would like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal partners for your ongoing support. For many of you, we have had the privilege of developing our business relationship over the years, and we want to take this opportunity to assure you that we appreciate your continued business, and we thank […]

  • Nov18

    Start vs. Stall Torque for Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

    What is the difference between starting and stall torque?  In reality they are the same, it is just how they are interpreted by the application specifications.  Starting torque is the maximum torque that can be produced by a motor in order to start rotational movement of the load.  Stall torque is the maximum torque that […]

  • Aug12

    Fractional Horsepower Motor Equations Quick Reference

    Here’s a quick reference  for common fractional horsepower motor related equations.   >>>Need assistance choosing a motor or gearmotor for your application? Check out this short video or contact one of our Regional Account Managers today!

  • Jul29

    Fractional HP Motor Quick Reference Guide: Shaft Inertia

    Need assistance with shaft inertia? We’ve created this quick reference guide just for you. The inertia of solid steel shafting per inch of shaft length is given in the table below. To calculate for hollow shafts, take the difference between the inertia values of O.D. and I.D. as the value per inch. For shafts of […]

  • Jul17

    Knowing Your Teeth: Gear Terminology

    Have you ever looked at a gear drawing and been overwhelmed by all the different specifications, wondering what it all means?  This blog will list and explain several common gear terms. Number of Teeth – the quantity of teeth on the gear. This term becomes slightly more complicated if a sector gear is specified, in […]

  • Jul01

    Quick Reference Guide: Fractional HP Motor Inertia Equation

    Here’s a quick reference guide to the different inertia equations engineers use in relation to fractional  HP motors and gearmotors.                                                     >>> Need assistance choosing the right HP motor for your […]