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  • Nov18

    Start vs. Stall Torque for Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

    What is the difference between starting and stall torque?  In reality they are the same, it is just how they are interpreted by the application specifications.  Starting torque is the maximum torque that can be produced by a motor in order to start rotational movement of the load.  Stall torque is the maximum torque that […]

  • Aug12

    Fractional Horsepower Motor Equations Quick Reference

    Here’s a quick reference  for common fractional horsepower motor related equations.   >>>Need assistance choosing a motor or gearmotor for your application? Check out this short video or contact one of our Regional Account Managers today!

  • Jul29

    Fractional HP Motor Quick Reference Guide: Shaft Inertia

    Need assistance with shaft inertia? We’ve created this quick reference guide just for you. The inertia of solid steel shafting per inch of shaft length is given in the table below. To calculate for hollow shafts, take the difference between the inertia values of O.D. and I.D. as the value per inch. For shafts of […]

  • Jul17

    Knowing Your Teeth: Gear Terminology

    Have you ever looked at a gear drawing and been overwhelmed by all the different specifications, wondering what it all means?  This blog will list and explain several common gear terms. Number of Teeth – the quantity of teeth on the gear. This term becomes slightly more complicated if a sector gear is specified, in […]

  • Jul01

    Quick Reference Guide: Fractional HP Motor Inertia Equation

    Here’s a quick reference guide to the different inertia equations engineers use in relation to motors and gearmotors.                                                     >>> Need assistance choosing the right motor for your applications?  Watch this […]

  • Jun17

    Safety Standards for Fractional HP Motors: UL, CSA, & CE

    Groschopp’s standard product line of motors are designed to conform to a number of different safety standards, including UL, CUL and CE. UL Certification The UL and CUL marking on Groschopp motors means that the motor has been independently tested by UL and that it conforms to the relevant UL safety standards.  For the United […]

  • Feb11

    Blank Sheet vs 48-Hour Customizations

    In a previous post, we mentioned that every manufacturer has a “standard” product line. We fit the mold with our 8,000 catalog options. However, what if you need a custom motor? Or what if you need a motor ASAP? We can help you out in either case. Here is what you should know about two […]

  • Jan29

    Fractional HP Motors and the Problem with Single Load Points

    When specifying a fractional hp motor for an application sometimes the only data available is a single load point, or the rated load point of the motor being specified.  In order to better explain why one load point usually isn’t enough to fully define a motor we’ll compare two different sample motors to show the […]

  • Jan14

    Is Your Motor Overrated?

    When buying a standard, off the shelf motor, it can be difficult to find the correct motor size and performance for a given application. The natural reaction is to err on side of “bigger is better” so at the very least the motor will get the job done. This can lead to several different problems. […]

  • Dec31

    Groschopp: An ISO 9001:2008 Registered Company

    Being registered to an international standard for quality management systems, such as ISO 9001:2008, provides the foundation to ensure process outputs meet planned results, a focus on customer satisfaction, and the means to ensure continual improvement within the quality management system. Process outputs include both internal processes providing products which feed into other subsequent processes, […]