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How to Reverse AC Motors

March 23, 2018

Motor rotation is essentially created by the manipulation of wires and magnetic fields. Thus, you can often reverse AC motors by switching the wire connections. This is as easy as unhooking and re-crimping the designated wires. (Note, not all AC motors have the ability to be reversed, but all of Groschopp’s AC motors can be). […]

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Motor Reference Guide: Pump & Fan Power Equations

July 17, 2015

Need a quick guide to pump & fan power equations as they relate to fractional horsepower motors? We’ve created this just for you. Power – Fans & Blowers P = Qp / 229u P = Power (hp) Q = Flow rate (cfm) p = Pressure (psi) u = Efficiency Power – Pumps P = QHS […]

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Motor Reference Guide: Electrical Power Equations

June 17, 2015

We’ve created a quick reference guide for common electrical power equations related to fractional horsepower motors. Power – AC Circuits Efficiency = (746 x Output HP) / Input Watts Three-Phase Kilowatts = (Volts x Amperes x Power Factor x 1.732) / 1000 Three-Phase Volt-Amperes = Volts x Amperes x 1.732 Three-Phase Amperes = (746 x […]

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Understanding Electric Motor Efficiency Losses

March 24, 2015

Advertised efficiency of motors is a big deal in the market. Motor efficiency is a ratio of how well the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and is calculated by dividing the power into the motor by the power out of the motor. Understanding motor efficiency losses matters because less efficient units leads to higher […]

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Motor Testing: The Fundamentals

February 24, 2015

Motor manufacturers try their best to match an off-the-shelf motor or gearmotor to specific customer requirements. Sometimes a perfect match can be made; however, it is often the case that a custom solution is needed or that the customer’s capabilities are not known and a physical motor needs to be tested to determine the unique requirements. […]

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Gear Motor Glossary

January 14, 2015

Those of us in the fractional horsepower motor and gear motor industry tend to throw terms around without taking time to check that everyone understands what we are discussing. We’ve created this quick reference motor glossary to help those unfamiliar with many of the terms within the industry.   Term Definition AC (Alternating Current) A flow […]

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Fractional Horsepower Motor Equations Quick Reference

August 12, 2014

Here’s a quick reference  for common fractional horsepower motor equations. Basic Motor Equations Torque [lb-ft] = (Horsepower * 5,250) / RPM Torque [lb-in] = (Horsepower * 63,025) / RPM Horsepower = (Torque [lb-ft] * RPM) / 5,250 Horsepower = (Torque [lb-in] * RPM) / 63,025 Time for motor to reach operating speed (seconds) Seconds = (WK² * Speed Change) / […]

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How to use the Motor Search Tool

Narrow your search by selecting motor type, gearbox, voltage, and phase options for your desired motor.

Select a dominant variable: choose one of the three parameters to narrow your search. The selected variable determines which slider bar you will be able to manually move.

Use the slider corresponding to your dominant variable to further narrow your motor selection. The other sliders will automatically move to show available ranges based on the range of your selected variable.

Results will upload as your search criteria changes. If you have any questions regarding your results or how to use the search tool, you can chat with us using the green tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

Note: Groschopp Universal motors are custom built to fit your application so no additional options are available to narrow the search. Selecting the Universal motor type will prompt a message taking you to the Universal product page.

Not sure what you need?

One of our team members would be happy to help. Contact us at 800-829-4135 or by email at sales@groschopp.com. You can also chat with us using the green tab on the left side of your screen.

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Universal Motors

Groschopp Universal motors are custom built to fit your application so no additional options are available to narrow the search. Standard frame sizes and motor features can be found on the Universal page.

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