Why Are There No Standard Universal Motors?

March 23, 2018

Groschopp doesn’t manufacture standard universal motors because UMs need to be versatile in their construction and performance. Check out a past blog post to learn more about our universal motor types. Their ability to run on AC and DC power is demonstrated by the very name, “universal,” implying a broad range of applications they can fit in. However, those who use universal motors don’t typically choose them for this characteristic. Rather, this motor is particularly suited for applications because universal motors combine the components of both AC and DC motor types. Speeds will vary more in a universal motor than a DC or AC motor but it will have a much higher power-to-weight ratio, reaching speeds of 20,000+ rpm.

Universal motors tend to be less consistent and less efficient than other motor types. Their speed is largely dependent on the load of the application, and they tend to have shorter lifespans. This makes them ideal for smaller-scale, intermittent duty applications. Keep in mind that noise levels are also heightened with universal motors due to the increased speeds and overall motor design.

Groschopp currently offers only customized universal motors to meet specialized customer needs since standard universal motors could potentially struggle to fulfill the specific performance requirements of an application.

Universal motors can be customized to meet very specific needs; both environment and purpose are taken into account. If universal motors were standardized, their flexible nature would be lessened.

Universal skeleton motors have brackets.

Beyond the customization of the motor performance, universal motors can be purchased as either skeleton frames or parts sets. If you’d like to build your own motor housing or integrate the motor directly into your product design, you can purchase a parts set (armature and field only).  If you prefer a completed motor and housing solution, skeleton frames hold parts sets together with U-shaped brackets. 

On either level, parts or packages, universal motors typically work best if customized, so maybe a better question than, “Why is there no standard universal motor at Groschopp?” would be, “How do I customize a universal motor to best fit my application needs?”

If you have an idea of what you would like or if you need help figuring out what you need for your next application, the Groschopp team is ready to assist you. Feel free to visit our contact page and drop us a line or give us a call. We are always happy to help and ready to customize.

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Note: Groschopp Universal motors are custom built to fit your application so no additional options are available to narrow the search. Selecting the Universal motor type will prompt a message taking you to the Universal product page.

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Universal Motors

Groschopp Universal motors are custom built to fit your application so no additional options are available to narrow the search. Standard frame sizes and motor features can be found on the Universal page.

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