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  • Apr07

    Now Offering Brushless DC Motor Controls

    April 7, 2014 – Sioux Center, Iowa – Groschopp, Inc. introduces a family of brushless DC motor controls for their entire product line of BLDC motors and gearmotors. Designed to provide commutated power and variable speed control, these closed loop controls provide excellent speed regulation over a wide range of loads.   Features Closed loop speed regulation […]

  • Feb12

    Fractional Horsepower Motor Tech Tips: IP Ratings & Harsh Environments

    Groschopp Inc.’s  latest Tech Tip video offers engineers a quick guide on how fractional horsepower motors are rated for harsh environments. Understanding IP ratings and harsh duty requirements is important to accurately communicate an application’s requirements. To assist engineers in understanding fractional horsepower motors, Groschopp, Inc. has a “How to and How it works” video […]

  • Dec05

    The Groschopp Advantage

    Known for its rugged, dependable fractional horsepower motors and gearmotors, Groschopp, Inc. takes a look from its employees’ perspective at what makes their product so reliable in its newest video, “The Groschopp Advantage.”     

  • Nov12

    The History of Groschopp, Inc.

    You know us today as Groschopp, Inc.; however, it hasn’t always been that way. Our rich history began in 1930 with a company called Wincharger. How did we get from Wincharger to where we are today? Watch our video, The History of Groschopp, Inc., below to see a detailed account about where we come from.

  • Oct29

    More Than Making Motors

    “We’re a family here and everybody cares about everybody.” – Connie, Production -Gear Hobber.               On Monday the employees of Groschopp joined together to help several team members battling cancer with a Bake Sale Fundraiser.  The idea was conceived when Laura (QA – Incoming Inspector) heard about a friend’s […]

  • Sep25

    Fractional Horsepower Motor Concerns Tech Tip Videos

    To help engineers with their fractional horsepower motor concerns Groschopp, Inc. is launching a “How to and How it works” video series. Each segment is 2-3 minutes, giving engineers the help they need with little interruption to their day. To begin, you’ll learn “How to Check an Armature for Damaged Windings” with three quick checks […]

  • Sep11

    Groschopp Introduces One of the Few 1000:1 Planetary Reducer Ratios in the Industry

    Groschopp, Inc. announces the release of an additional five ratios to their standard PL7300 planetary gearbox product line. In addition to our current robust design, we have nearly doubled our yield torque creating a longer life and use in a wider range of applications. Benefits 18 Standard Ratios from 5:1 to 1000:1 Maximum Output Torque […]

  • May01

    Groschopp Releases New i-series Planetary Gearboxes

    Available in 3 sizes and multiple gear ratios, Groschopp’s new i-series planetary gearboxes are ideal for applications that have stringent space limitations yet require a high yield torque and increased efficiency. Planetary Gearbox Benefits Tight tolerances and long-life lubrication for quiet operation High yield torque, ability to withstand increased torque loads Increased efficiency Small package […]

  • Mar18

    Introducing an Updated Brushless DC Motor

    Groschopp Inc. introduces an updated Brushless DC (BLDC) motor and several gearmotor combinations. Due to the lack of wear components, the BLDC motor is considered to be a maintenance-free, high reliability motor with a life of 20,000 hours or more. Typically only the bearings will limit a brushless motor’s life. With an outside square dimension […]

  • Sep19

    Announcing a New High Current, Low Voltage Motor Release

    Groschopp Inc. announces the release of a new high current, low voltage PM8000 DC motor (80 millimeter housing diameter). New features inside and outside the motor optimize the design for rugged, high current demands and allow the motor to withstand the high temperatures associated with extended stalls. Internal Features On the inside, the design features […]