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Our design portfolio of customized solutions is unmatched in the fractional horsepower industry. For you, this translates into faster development time for an optimized solution that cost-effectively delivers the performance, life and quality that your application demands, from an experienced team you can trust.

Custom vs. Customization

The goal of customization is to “match” the motor to your application as closely as possible. The products in this website represent our standard frame sizes. Working from a standard frame size is often the most cost effective way to buy a motor. When using a standard frame size, the motor can still be customized to your application. And, when a standard “pre-tooled” frame size can be used, it can significantly speed up the delivery time for prototypes and initial production runs.

There are times when a completely custom motor – over the life and scale of a project – will have an overall lower production cost with a relatively short payback time – as you are paying specifically for the motor you need. This weighing of the “Customized Standard” versus the “Blank Sheet Custom Design” is where Groschopp can help you weigh the options and make the right choices.


Submit your Application Specifications for a custom or “blank sheet”motor design, or customize a standard motor/gearmotor  in 48 hours.

Standard Customization Options

To perfectly match a motor or gearmotor to an application, there are a number of physical and electrical characteristics of a standard product that can be customized to tailor the performance and mechanical interface.

For OEM and other custom application, customizing a standard product as a prototype for evaluation and performance testing is often the fastest way to prove out the design and refine the motor/gearmotor requirements. Groschopp’s applications engineers are highly experienced in guiding product designers through this process to reach the best and most cost-effective solution.

Typical Customization Options


  • Drive end high temperature lubricant
  • Drive end seal
  • Lead end high temperature lubricant
  • Lead end seal

 End Bell

  • Drill and tap on edge
  • Drill and tap for encoder, brake or special modifications
  • Machine pilot


  • Dual ouput
  • Drill and tap
  • Additional flat
  • Keyway – woodruff
  • Keyway – straight
  • Crosshole
  • Thread – internal
  • Thread – external
  • Diameter

Terminal Box

  • With or without terminal blocks
  • Leads (12 inches standard)
  • Grommets
  • 2-core cord
  • 3-core cord
  • Extra length


  • 115 volt
  • 230 volt

Mounting (Standard Flange Included)

  • Special Flange
  • Foot Mount


  • Special Marketing (CE)
  • Customized nameplate


  • Drain holes
  • Environmental – IP rating
  • Insulation
  • Housings, paints and finishes