The History of Groschopp, Inc.

The rich history of Groschopp, Inc. begins in 1930 with a company called Wincharger. How did we get from Wincharger to Groschopp? Watch and find out.


From trucks to kitchen appliances, motors move our society forward. This advancement is only possible thanks to hardworking motor manufacturers, such as Groschopp Incorporated.

Founded in Sioux City, Iowa in December 1934, by John & Gerhard Albers, Cecil Parris, and Ernest Arndt, Wincharger Corporation pioneered the development of wind-powered generators for rural America. They drew the attention of Zenith Radio Corporation, who, by 1935, bought controlling interest in Wincharger. It was through these Wincharger generators that Zenith Radio Corporation marketed its radios, bringing radio to the rural areas of America.

Wincharger played an important role in World War Two by developing the Dyna Motor, which was used in military aircraft and ships. Just as Wincharger shaped a part of the American military force, the war also had an impact on Wincharger as a corporation, spurring it to become the world’s largest manufacturer of Dyna Motors and inverters. This growth allowed it to leverage its success, and expand into motors and farm generators in the 1950s post-war economy. Wincharger proved its distinction as a motor manufacturer by receiving five Army Navy E-awards for excellence as a quality supplier.

In 1968, Dyna Technology purchased the Wincharger division from Zenith, relocating the small motor operations to Sioux Center, Iowa, a few years later.

In 1980, a German based manufacturer of small motors and gear drives, Groschopp GmbH, purchased the small motor division of Dyna Technology and named it Groschopp Incorporated. In 1996, a family trust from Germany acquired all company stock from Groschopp GmbH. The Sioux Center plant has retained the Groschopp Incorporated name, but operates independently from the Groschopp GmbH operations in Europe.

Changes in ownership over the years have not slowed down the demand for Groschopp motors, as evidenced by expansions in 1985, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2006, and 2011, to the original 37,000 square-foot plant, which was built in 1975. Groschopp currently operates a 100,000 square-foot plant in Sioux Center, which houses manufacturing facilities, warehousing facilities, engineering, sales, and support staff, employing approximately 200 people from across northwest Iowa.

For over three decades, the company has fostered a philosophy of steady growth and the highest quality standards to meet the demands of our most exacting OEM customers, including some of the world’s most famous brands. An ISO 9001:2008 registered company, Groschopp delivers expert technical assistance, superior product performance, and quality honed from over 70 years of workmanship and industry experience.

The people of Groschopp possess a unique commitment to quality, integrity, and involvement, and are dedicated to continual improvement. By surrounding this passion for excellence with state of the art equipment and manufacturing techniques, Groschopp continues to work hard to build upon its leadership in the fractional horsepower motor industry.

To learn more about Groschopp, visit our website at groschopp.com.

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