The Groschopp Advantage

What makes Groschopp a special company to work with for our customers? It all comes down to the people that make up the company. Find out how they’re at the core of the Groschopp Advantage.


John: I think the people of Groschopp really want to build a good product.
Tim: From the top all the way to the production, everybody takes pride in what they do here at Groschopp.
Brenda: I’d have to say probably our heritage, our product, our people, and our partners, just all of that combined really sets us apart.
Connie: The success of Groschopp over all the years is truly the people. The people have the passion, the commitment, and the dedication that it takes to make a company successful.
Tim: My name is Tim Foreman. One of the things I like about Groschopp is the ability that our engineering department has to customize motors for customers’ specific needs, and the importance that we place on a quality product, and meeting what our customers are asking us to do as far as shipments and anything else we can do to service the customer.
Brenda: My name is Brenda Bunkers. Our customers can really see how we feel about our products. It instills a lot of trust into them that they have for Groschopp.
John: My name is John Clyer. We help the engineers design prototype motors and then we test them. We’ll test them until they fail and then we try to design a failure point to make it stronger so that we can move the failure point, so that in the end we’ve built a stronger geared motor. I believe we have a good, dependable product.
Connie: My name’s Connie Putnam. I like the fact that Groschopp gave me as a woman a chance to do a job that most men do. Here I have the challenge of making gears, which is just fascinating. I love it.
Arlo: My name’s Arlo Heynen. We always get the comment you’ve got a really good looking motor. It’s been very robust. We have a full year warranty, but we have very few claims that come back. We always pride the production people for the work and the quality that they do for us.
Connie: I’m Connie Vander Ploeg, vice president, administration. Groschopp is really about the employees, the people, and about being part of a team environment. As part of a family business they take great pride in being part of that team. At the end of the day the company is successful because of that working together and wanting to make sure the company is successful.
Randy: My name’s Randy DeKruyf. I’ve worked at half a dozen places over the years. Groschopp doesn’t just say they treat people like a family, but they actually act it out. I think that shows in the quality of the product that we produce.
Ron: I’m Ron Didier, president. I feel that it’s really an exciting time in Groschopp’s history. There’s a lot of interest out there in the field for what we have to offer. The expertise and so on that we can give our customers with quick delivery on new products is really a key. So, we see this as being very helpful, not only from our business side, but also to help our customer’s business grow.

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